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Teacup Pigs are Adorable Pets

I have a teacup pig and his name is Ellora. She is a lovely pet and I love to be with her all the time. I was pregnant and had to quit my job. It was a tough time for me and I had many mood swings. My husband was worried and the gynecologist suggested us to keep a pet at home. I am allergic to dog and cat fur and hence, decided to choose teacup pigs than the other options. These animals have hair on their body and no fur. It was indeed pleasure for me to choose this pet and she really changed my routine. I wondered why we were still without the little charm in our life.


The pig had very tiny structure, but it grew to an adequate size within 6 months. She is delighted and playful all the times. We got her when she was 3 months old and she was easy to manage for me. I was fully involved in the beginning with her and then I got a sweet baby girl. To my surprise, this pet really adored my daughter and took care of her. When I was away from the baby, my teacup used to take care of her and immediately come to me when the baby got up. It was such a big help for me.

Ellora is now 4 years old and my baby girl is 3+. Both of them love to play with each other in the backyard. It is a great experience to keep with teacup pet. I take care of her by giving her food on time and make sure that she remains hydrated for the whole day. Her littering habits are very fine and she doesn’t spread the mess around in any way. Overall, I love the experience with her and would certainly suggest this animal to be kept at home.

Beware! Purchase the Right Teacup Pig

If you are thinking about purchasing a micro pig, you need to beware of the fraudulent dealers who don’t adopt the fair means to sell these nano pigs. These pigs are smaller and size and are expected to remain max to the size of a mid-large dog. There are many fraud people acclaiming to sell best teacup pigs, but in reality, they only make money by selling the breeds about which they are even not aware of.

Some people say that teacup pigs don’t exist, but it is not the case in reality. There are some tiny breeds of pigs having the utmost weight of 100 pounds. These pets are highly intellectual and will understand your commands very soon. They understand their masters and comprehend according to the instructions given to them. You can ask the breeder about the age and size of parents at the time of delivery of the teacup pig. A pig gets fully matured at the age of three, but they can reproduce before this age. Hence, if the parent pig is above three years, you can check out the growth of children in the most appropriate way. The appearance of parents will determine the height and appearance of the baby pig.

Beware! Purchase the Right Teacup Pig

Teacup pigs require remaining hydrated for the reason for prohibiting sweating and urinary tract infections. It is essential to keep water near them and it will avoid any issues related to lesser water levels in the body. You can even arrange a small pool for them once or twice a week to enjoy their time and have fun. Pigs have general nature to roll around in mud and you can allow them to do so at least once in a week. Make sure that you are purchasing the pet from a right source to avoid any troubles later on.